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sddd | 10-07-2017, 23:44 | 4 | 0
River City Ransom Underground-DEFA
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Conatus Creative Inc.
Publisher: Conatus Creative Inc.
Release Name: River.City.Ransom.Underground-DEFA
Size: 274 MB

Many years after vanquishing Slick on the school rooftop, Alex and Ryan must take to the streets again. Help a new crop of fighters defeat the hordes of River City, and clear their name in a sinister kidnapping Description. You'll earn money, unlock moves, and upgrade your skills in a sprawling city on the brink of total chaos. This modern take on an old classic features over 500 unique street fighting moves, dozens of weapons, secrets galore, and a bonus arena fighting mode.
sddd | 10-07-2017, 23:42 | 6 | 0
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Developer: forever8pus
Publisher: forever8pus
Release Name: symeCu8e-DARKSiDERS
Size: 1.23 GB

Who am I. Why do I work, why do I live. Can I play the Game if I do not know how. Am I a gear or the Creator. And is it possible to be both at the same time. And why octopuses don't like cats.
sddd | 10-07-2017, 23:40 | 5 | 0
Inner Voices Update v20170704-BAT
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Genre:Gore, Adventure, Indie
Developer:Sigma Games
Publisher:Fat Dog Games
Release Name:Inner.Voices.Update.v20170704-BAT
Size: 1.39 GB
sddd | 10-07-2017, 23:38 | 5 | 0
Man O War Corsair Warhammer Naval Battles Update v1.1.2-BAT
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Genre:Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Developer:Evil Twin Artworks
Publisher:Evil Twin Artworks
Release Name:Man.O.War.Corsair.Warhammer.Naval.Battles.Update.v1.1.2-BAT
Size: 34.2 MB
sddd | 10-07-2017, 08:32 | 4 | 0
Algotica Iteration 1 Update v1.1.5-BAT
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Genre:Adventure, Indie
Developer:Alexander Khoroshavin
Publisher:Alexander Khoroshavin
Release Name:Algotica.Iteration.1.Update.v1.1.5-BAT
Size:138 MB
sddd | 10-07-2017, 08:30 | 5 | 0
StarCrawlers Update v1.0.2-BAT
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Genre:Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer:Juggernaut Games
Publisher:Juggernaut Games
Release Name:StarCrawlers.Update.v1.0.2-BAT
Size: 676 MB
sddd | 10-07-2017, 08:29 | 4 | 0
Sorgina A Tale of Witches Update v20170707-BAT
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Genre:Adventure, Indie
Developer:Binary Soul
Publisher:Binary Soul
Release Name:Sorgina.A.Tale.of.Witches.Update.v20170707-BAT
Size: 488 MB
sddd | 10-07-2017, 08:27 | 4 | 0
Nex Machina Update v1.05.0054-CODEX
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Genre:Action, Indie
Release Name:Nex.Machina.Update.v1.05.0054-CODEX
Size: 92 MB
sddd | 10-07-2017, 08:10 | 4 | 0
Tyd wag vir Niemand-DARKSiDERS
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Skobbejak Games
Publisher: Skobbejak Games
Release Name: Extreme-G2-DARKSiDERS
Size: 932 MB