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Ira Eaker - Co-founder of BACK STAGE Magazine

Ira Eaker, who cofounded the trade magazine BACK STAGE, died on Wednesday, June 26th in Florida following surgery for colon cancer. He was 80 years old. He is survived by his wife, Lee, his daughter, Sherry (currently Editor-in-Chief of BACK STAGE) and a son Dean. He also leaves a sister and two grandchildren.

Mr. Eaker is a New York City native and served as a corporal in the Army during World War II. After the war he served for a time as advertising sales manager for SHOW BUSINESS WEEKLY. In 1960, along with Allen Zwerdling, he created BACK STAGE Magazine, which quickly became the prime source of casting and audition information for aspiring New York performers. The magazine's coverage spread from coast to coast. In 1986 BACK STAGE was sold to Billboard Publications, Inc.

Private funeral services were held in Florida on Sunday. June 30th. Donations may be made to the American Cancer Society.

For more information see this item on the BACK STAGE Magazine Website:

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