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Berri Blair

We are sorry to note that Berri Blair, who fought a serious illness for over two years, passed away late Friday, March 22, 2002.

Berri was one of those fabulous saloon singers that you don't see very often anymore at the piano in clubs and restaurants. She graced the world with her music for over fifty years. Berri's was the first CD released by Miranda Records - in fact the company is named for a joke name she used to give herself.

In reporting her passing, Chris Gines said "No one sang with the heart that Berri had."

Kitty Skrobela recalled "She was feisty and humorous but sang like an angel. We'll miss her enormously."

I had known her for a dozen years or so - and have seen her at the piano in NYC clubs and out on Fire Island. She was always ready with a story and a smile - and was perhaps one of the best experts on Frank Sinatra lore in town. She performed in the original cast of "OUR SINATRA" at THE OAK ROOM at the ALGONQUIN HOTEL.

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